Gentleman in Moscow

No, this post isn’t going to be mainly about Trump. I must say it is ironic that the title of the book I chose contains the capital of that mysterious country (and somewhat premeditated). The politics of the situation honestly scares me a little, with massaged information (to put it lightly) being tossed around.

But the book was a delight. The disappearance and death of a few characters really dampened my mood (but what does one expect of a story set in Soviet Russia?), with N’s being the most tragic. Even the ending is bittersweet with a certain tree promising to meet wisdom, with an uncertain outcome as the novel came to a close.

One shouldn’t dwell on the sorrows of life though; at least that’s what Rostov would’ve done, and boy was he a wise man.

Amid the Shadows

It seems anytime I’m changing time zones, the second night will always be a restless one. It was true during Japan and Europe. It held true when I came back from Seattle.

During that restless night I managed to read a whole book “Amid the Shadows” by Grumley. I really wish I could take that time back and invest my time into a different novel. It really did a good job of reeling me in: there was interesting plot points starting on page one, but then it just crescendoed and never stopped. For such a long build up of intricate plot points, the release of tension was woefully inadequate.

To spoil the book a bit, it turns out God has been sending being down to guide humans. One came during WWII to prevent Hitler from getting the A-bomb for example. Apparently, one of these beings got pissed at God for not giving it a soul (because it failed its task) and hence intended to kill everyone by plunging the world into atomic warfare.

I don’t understand why he was afraid of Sarah. There’s no reason to spend that much time going after her, nor was it worth it. I don’t understand how he got banished (sent back?) at the end. I don’t understand how the Israeli guy is suppose to do. There’s too many… bad points in this book.

Gretchen recommended me the Queen’s Poisoner as some quick read… and so on it.