J. Crew

In my effort to be more well-dressed, I decided to go to J. Crew yesterday and spend some of my money. Thing is, there is no J. Crew in Tallahassee.

“No problem! I can just buy this stuff at Cornell. After all, all Ivy Leagues MUST have some sort of J. Crew by it!”

Apparently I am wrong. The closest J. Crew around Cornell is over an hour away. Lets compare that to the other Ivy Leagues (according to Google Maps):

  • Brown: 7 minutes away
  • Harvard: 10 minutes away
  • Princeton: right across the street. (“I have never seen so many J. Crew in my life” – Hellogoodbye)
  • UPenn: 10 minutes away
  • Yale: 6 minutes away
  • Columbia: 12 minutes

I hearby pronounce that Cornell and Dartmouth (~1 hour) officially not part of the Ivy League conference.