Lending Club

There’s a website called Lending Club¬†to facilitate peer-to-peer lending; I’ve been playing around with it, and lending a few people money. So far, one of the person I’ve loaned to has not paid for 4 months now.

This initially pissed me off. “This guy just took my money and ran!” But I noticed that this person’s credit score has been dropping like a rock.

Screenshot from 2014-01-20 23:58:55 Initially, this guy wanted the $2,000 loan for just home improvement, and was making a decent salary. Just makes me wonder how much of a selfish prick I am to not realize that either this guy passed, or recently lost his job; all I cared about was how do I get my measly $25 principal back.

Whoever you are, I wish you the best. (And when you can, just pay back the money.)