A List

One of those stream of consciousness lists.

– Intellectual curiosity: I like to think that I am reasonably intelligent with a natural inclination to learn. It is a great trait to have (mister self-aggrandizing here) , and I honestly find that it is far easier to hold and maintain a fun conversation with an inquisitive person. The banter can flow from one topic to another with little turbulence, and what is a relationship without nice back-and-froths?

The $64000 question is how does one find this quality in another person? There are no marked physical manifestation to my knowledge (I presume a tattoo of “Reading Rainbow” might count, though it has to be done tastefully). I reckon a  shallow answer is to look for degrees at elite institutions like Brown. From my time there, people either fall into one of two categories: the ones I seek, and the ones with multiple Canada Goose jackets.

– Reasonably active: one of my clarinet teacher from high school had a great remark on her Facebook back in the day: “doing my best to avoid morbid obesity.” This describes me to a fairly large degree as well. For awhile, I was walking a fine line between trying to bulk up and not looking like Thor in the first part of Endgame. Even my parents mentioned how I looked like I was getting a bit fat.

I guess the message here is that I stay active, and active people actively seek out other active people to do fun activities with.  For now, since I’ve been doing yoga basically everyday ever since this whole quarantine business started, I really want to try some of those “couple poses.” Maybe I’m just seeking a fellow yogi? And a good one at that; my down dog can use a lot of help.

– Can sport a pixie cut: it’s probably the case that pandemics will become more common in the future. It’s an unfortunate fact due to the density of humans paired with our propensity to breed lots of animals in grotesque and cramped spaces, and then subsequently eating them in various delicious ways. I still haven’t gave up on meat completely if you can’t tell. This will last until my BYND stocks have doubled or tripled.

Nevertheless, the pandemics will continue. Hence it’s probable that I would need to give a haircut to my partner in the future. While the pixie cut is not the easiest to do, someone self-confident enough sporting one would allow me to cut her hair. Maybe I just think of haircuts as a proxy for self-confidence?

– Friends with Daniel Radcliffe: I just really want to be friends with Daniel. There are so many questions I want to ask him. Like why Swiss Army Man? Did you  method act and visit a Victorinox factory? What is why and how this scene:

– Attended Hogwarts School of Wizardry: well not in the literal sense. I find that ever since undergrad, there’s been a lack of “magic” in my life. A sense of wonder that I … oh wait, I was just describing Emma Watson wasn’t I?

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