Once again, Dunkey has proven himself to be a modern day Donald Draper… in some sense. I bought Celeste almost strictly due to how fun it seemed. It truly is a great game with tight controls and extremely interesting level design.

The first point is starting to get quite standard now, but I want to reiterate on the latter point. It seems many high-ceiling platformers like Supermeatboy or the age-old N game constantly rely on precision. Celeste throws that away with an emphasis on when/where/how you use the air dash. That air dash, that one extra mechanic, really is the crux. Honestly, it reminded me of Ori’s dash, but the level design here is more like a puzzle.

Of course, the game can get a bit annoying. There are places where precise timing is the only way through the level (or so it seems to me?). Flag number 9 is particularly annoying. One can turn on the assist mode, but it really breaks the game by making it very easy. Another quirk is that it doesn’t save automatically when quitting from the Switch; this caused me to have to beat certain levels twice as I was switching between games.

All in all, quite a fun game with a ton of content. Worth it for just $20.