Kingfountain Series

I guess I finished the trilogy starting with the Queen’s Poisoner in less than a week. As for today, I’m still suffering a bit of “post book depression” and I couldn’t sleep much last night. Investing that much time into a fleshed out story with great characters does that to a bored person, but I don’t regret it.

(Semi-spoilers ahead, but it’s pretty obvious IMO).

I really did enjoy the story. The series got better as the books went on as Owen and the other characters developed into adults with distinct, personifiable traits. Wheeler did a good job in giving the major characters their own tone, and actions (though the supporting characters lack the same treatment such as the captains).

I think by far my favorite characters were the tragic lives of the poisoners: Ankarette Tryneowy and Etayne. Somehow the deaths of the advisor and friend of Owen hit me pretty hard. They both were selfless with little indication that they tried to pursue their own agendas, with one dying with unrequited love on her mind. I might start reading the prequel later this semester to keep my mind sane.

As for the actual plot, it’s solid overall. I’m still a bit confused as to the role of the mythical set used in the last book, and it’s actual powers. The supernatural in this series lacked in explicit boundaries of the power, and often there were magical ex machina moments. Still, this was historical-based and it did show a little with some GoT-esque politics (though nothing as deep or gruesome) rather than a pure good vs bad.

It’s too bad the language was a bit at a lower-level, though it is expected as it’s a young adult novel. I’m tempted to buy the 4,5,6 books coming up just to see what happened to the kingdom. One aspect I really digged was the time skips. It was well-paced and actually done in a fashion such that the plot never slowed down.

Whelp, time to find another book.

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