Love Interests

Amazon’s Kindle First service delivers new books every month from up-and-coming authors. I’ve never read anything from it, until this past week. My little brother and I both finished the entire Paper Magician series in the span of two weeks.

The first book was excellent. Lovely premise of magic which can only be performed on a single material. The description of folding made me want to learn origami. As the book progressed, the climax resulted in a reveal which I think authors rely on too much: the female protagonist loves the male counterpart.

The author uses this to justify adventures later in the series. She loved him so much that she’s willing to go on¬†incredibly foolhardy quests, but the premise was she was quite smart and rational.

Yes, this was a book for tweens. Yes, the plot (overall) was enjoyable. No, the huge focus on the love interest was not needed.

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