Lover Come Back

I went to the Screen on the Green with Sean Monday, and it turned out to be a great time. An old 1961 romantic-comedy called Lover Come Back was being screened.

It was a refreshing relief from the modern flamboyant films with either intricate plots that dances around drama or seemingly mindless violence accented by a few touching moments. Hell, even the language was naively fresh; the lack of any swear words seemed so different now.

Albeit very generic, the film contained some genuinely funny moments. Either that, or the rambunctious group sitting by us altered my perception of the jokes which didn’t rely on sheer stupidity to work. Dare I say that it’s even a relatively “smart” comedy?

The plot in the end was anything but smart though. As one should suspect, the story has a happy ending. This wouldn’t be a movie I would show anyone in my house, but for an outdoor screening with a crowd.

Quick note: check the weather and bring a jacket, and bottle to drink from! Open container laws suck.

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