My Castle

Nowadays, home is not only where the heart is, but also where my office is. I spend over twenty one hours per day on average inside the confines of the four walls. This is partly why I splurged for the two bedroom instead of the one, and why I’ve been sort of obsessing over air quality recently.

Ever since college, I’ve developed some sort of allergic reaction whenever I visit my parent’s house in Florida. I’m convinced it’s due to some sort of ragweed floating around, or the sudden changes in stress leads to a floundering immune system. When there’s nobody around, I just stuck tissues up my nose… luckily, my sinus passage has so far enjoyed New Mexico… for the most part.

I’ve noticed in the afternoons that my nose are constantly flared, and that repeated vacuuming of my carpets still leads to large amounts of dust piling in the bin. The rays of sunshine streaming into my apartments laid bare the amount of dust floating around. It makes sense; the dust comes from, well, the twenty one hours I spend at home and the fact that the dry, high desert environment readily kicks up the sand and particulates from the ground. Since no home is sealed, those little particulate matter diffuse into my castle.

Ever since I got my Airmega 200M air purifier, that nose flaring has gone away for the most part. A side effect is that I have to dust my home less with that HEPA filter running. It has also made me more aware of the effects on indoor air quality of cooking and vacuuming. The filter plus my humidifier really makes my indoor air quality much better. This translates to a happier Marshall.

Now, I’m concerned about my water quality…

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