New Year New Notes

Every year, I make the resolution of blogging and journalling more, and each passing year, I’ve noticed my failure. Yet here I am again stubborn as always to see how I can keep this up. Since it’s been awhile, here’s a laundry list of updates:

  1. Family and I went cruising on RCI to Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico over Christmas, and it felt just so artificial. There was a thin veneer of luxury painted over the backs of the employees, who were (almost) all from poor countries. Everything seems to be nickel and dimed…. nevertheless, it’s still relaxing not to do any chores or cooking.
  2. It’s incredibly hard to attempt to work at a place where you have never worked before. I look forward to getting back to writing and math tomorrow (and lifting/working out).
  3. Finished Sapiens, Fahrenheit 451 and How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had it Coming. All fun books to read, with Sapiens being a bit too long and Fahrenheit too short. The Pluto book was quite fun to read, and it’s interesting to see how other fields work.

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