Take It Back to Square One

After a long program like my recent REU where I hung out with a group of awesome people for such a long time that I forget the outside world, I reminisce about past groups. I think back to my MAO conventions where I flirted with love, jump back in time to the All-District concert with Dr. Green cheering us on during Maslanka… but I always feel sad afterwards that my memory of them is incomplete.

I wish I kept a consistent journal throughout my years to see how I developed. Sometimes when I clean my room in Tallahassee, I would find a little unicorn book where I wrote notes in third and fourth grade. Runescape notes dominated the pages (and a crush for a Megan Morris? … who is this girl?).

Hopefully I can start writing about my feelings/notes on daily life on here more. After all, I am spending a good amount to have this website and domain under my name.

Well. Back to square one.

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