The “Ahhh” Shower

Rodrigo never intended to have an especially busy day on the 12th. Of course, he had to make a trip to the farmer’s market to get those specialty onions he loved (they were sweeter than the ones in the grocery store), but otherwise the Saturday was completely free. It was a much needed reprieve from the onslaught of work recently with another twelve hour shift on the 13th.

The day started out as planned: waking up with the sun’s rays gently urging his eye lids to make way, with no particular rush. The drive to the market was a smooth twenty minutes. Somehow, traffic was especially clear, and so was the line for the produce. Within an hour, Rodrigo was back home caramelizing the onions for soup and toasting bread. The rest of the day was a blur of mindless entertainment from the multitude of streaming sources while sipping on the French onion soup.

Trish’s Saturday was quite the opposite. Since winter still maintained its grasp on the mornings, she wanted to hike along the foothills in the weak heat of the afternoon. The morning therefore was filled with scrubbing and cleaning. She always loved the sense of accomplishment from finishing chores.

As the hike was finishing up, she got a text from Frank, that cute guy she’s been texting.

“hey, lost our fourth from trivia in 30 @ gecko’s, you in? sorry for short notice!”

The deliberation was short. Whilst her legs were jelly, she didn’t smell too bad since it was still chilly and Frank was, by all accounts, a catch.

“ofc, see you soon :)”

Trish and Frank’s team never came close to winning. No one on the team knew any Madonna songs nor read Julius Caesar. She got home more than ten hours after she left for the trailhead.

Though their days progressed thoroughly differently, Rodrigo and Trish both ended with a hot shower, one where “ahhhh”s were spoken, the true mark of a good day.

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