The Great Leader’s Secret Plan

We all know that North Korea is pretty messed up. Plucked straight from a 50’s Cold War film, and dropped in the middle of the Korean Peninsula, the country is in shambles compared to its neighbors. It’s no surprise that the “UN’s representative in Pyongyang says about half the country’s children are stunted from malnutrition” (What is surprising though is Kim Jong-un admitting that fact).

What the world doesn’t know is that the North Koreans is preparing for the dark future; a future predicted by Lycerius. By starving its citizens now, the North Koreans has accelerated human evolution. Eventually, the North Koreans will all be more diminutive, and needing less food. In the future of the world covered by swampland, North Koreans will reign supreme in this new world. They have plenty of time to develop the technology, or just steal/share the technology from/with China.

It’s a perfect, cynical plan.


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