The only productive thing I did in the day was lift, and clean the rental house for an hour. It seems oddly true that the older one gets, the more likely one will be conservative. There are just too many interactions with the people who take advantage of the social net. One happened to rent from my parents, who was eventually evicted.

Coming from a poor background, I’m surprised my dad didn’t show a bit more sympathy. At the same time, I understand why. He worked pretty hard when he got here: working restaurant jobs and cleaning jobs while studying a foreign language and engineering certification. This tenant was relying entirely on the church for the rent.

There are probably 10 hardworking persons deserving of social benefits for every leacher. There may be only 1 for each leacher. We’ll never know. But as I grow older, I’m becoming more hardened towards these people too. I’ve read too many stories of abuse of the system.

Maybe more stories should be written about the people who used food stamps to stand up again?

Also, I hate TSM :-/

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