A Tale from Anasazi

Once, there was a handsome fellow who liked to climb rocks. He lived in an age where people managed to construct monoliths-esque structure inside a building! In these gyms of rocks, he would climb tall rocks which required ropes, and sometimes would climb short rocks which didn’t.

One day, he realized that the specialized shoes he was wearing to climb the rocks was wearing out, so he decided to order a new pair from the internet. He found an excellent deal on a great pair of shoes from a, somewhat sketchy, website. But the price. The price was alluring. So he took his credit card, and purchased it.

Days later, a pair of shoes from a warehouse in Spain left, bound for a trip across the pond. Slowly, it meandered into Amsterdam where it boarded a boat and landed in New York City. There, it traveled up I95 and landed in a porch in Providence.

There, the guy opened the package to find the pair of shoes just a tad too small. A little too crampy for my toes, thus he sought to return the shoes. But he soon exclaimed “EGAD!” for the company did not have free returns!

Now, the guy is stuck with a pair of shoes, which are just.





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