The Searcher

Prior to reading this novel, the only other thriller that I’ve read was arguably The Da Vinci Code. I’ve always stayed away from fast paced action, and prefer character building or world building in my novels. It just seems that movies provide a much better vehicle for suspenseful, simmering plot lines where the pace can be controlled by a director and accentuated by appropriate accompaniment.

The Searcher proved me wrong. The actual crime(s) being investigated could be explained in a grand total of five or so sentences. It was no The Usual Suspect. But what the author excelled at was interweaving thoughtful discussion on morality, ethics and relationships with the whodunit. I found myself thinking about the conundrums facing the main character Cal as proper philosophical questions. It’s the type of discussion which would flub if adapted to a movie, and I thought the story was an excellent vehicle for these discussion.

A few complaints: the beginning could be more interesting, some of the side characters are forgettable, the geography of an Irish town really was hard to grasp with no map or figures. Overall, a fun read where I raced through the last few chapters.

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