As it turns out, the DG homework wasn’t that ridiculous. If you stripped everything down, and use a little bit of built-in numerical quadrature, then it was actually pretty fun. It turns out that programming all these solvers naturally lends itself to a abstract class with abstract methods paradigm with a few main functions (i.e. solve) that seems to be shared between all the problems.

On another note, I really fucked up meatloafs today. Didn’t season well (bland as ever) with too little bread and zero eggs (whoops, lesson learned). In the end, it was a bland piece of beef which fell apart very easily.

Finally, my god was the Aussie final spectacular. Federer’s backhand was immaculate, arguably better than 2006-2010 levels. Nadal’s passing shots were insane, forcing Federer to hit from the baseline.

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