Snow Day

7:50 AM: Alarm rang. Decided not to wake up.

8:01 AM: Alarm rang. Decided to wake up and take a shower.

8:45 AM: Finished eating breakfast, and now checking emails. Noticed something about school reopening at 9:30 AM.

9:00 AM: Dressed in a suit and ready for an interview.

9:20 AM: Drudged through the snow and arrived at Carpenter Hall.

9:22 AM: Was informed by the attendant that my interview has been cancelled.

9:22:30 AM: Proceed to curse profusely in my head.

9:22:32 AM: “Thanks! So how should I reschedule….”

9:25 AM: While walking outside Carpenter on the way to my class, recieved an email saying 10:10 class was cancelled.

9:50 AM: Arrive back home.

9:51 AM: Proceed to fume profusely.


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