The End Times

I agree the world is shitty right now. There are civil strifes in Syria, ISIS in Iraq and Putin is flexing the unused Russian muscles. It is not the end times though.

It seems ridiculous that more than almost HALF of Americans said that recent natural disasters are the results of the apocalypse rather than climate change according to a study by PRRI. Thankfully, a good 60% agreed that God tasked humans to take good care of the Earth.

This doesn’t seem to be a fluke either. I took a look at their methodology, and it seems to be fine from a cursoury glance. They sampled some 3000 people via a phone survey with a seemingly good distribution of people. The Jewish people are overrepresented slightly, but that’s a small perturbation.

What this means is that science holds such little sway in the American public that explanations from Revelations outweighs what scientists has to say. The thousands of years of technological advances means almost nothing to half of the public, even as their lives are better than ever. This is absolutely terrifying to me.

You know what else is terrifying? Applying to graduate school and hoping I get in somewhere.

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