The One Who Got Away

It’s been quite awhile since I posted. Laziness and business both contributed to my dearth of content. On the other hand, there’s still a lot of stuff I want to get off my chest at times, so here’s one of them.

So how intercountry (intra?) trains work in Europe is that you can reserve a seat, and you have the right to eject the person who’s sitting on your seat by the time you get on. At Prague, I got on the train and went to my compartment. Turns out some lady was sitting in my seat (you probably know where this is going…). I didn’t want to be a dick and so I sat in a non-reserved seat of the compartment.

As the train went on, she started to pull out random books, read a while, then proceeded to write in a Moleskin notebook. Around an hour plus before I reached Budapest, I asked whether she was a writer. This led to us conversing for the rest of the way about stuff from politics, math, League of Legends, education, sociology, Kant, feminism and so much more. Turns out she’s a German, senior in college, going to Budapest for 2 weeks to volunteer at a conference….

But guess what. The one thing I didn’t ask for was her name nor email.

I wasn’t even interested in romance, I just felt a potential great friend is gone. A lot of the people I meet while travelling are quite interesting, and I would love to be friends with all of them. But the thing is, neither Christine from Philly or Bridget from Portland elicited a better conversation than this mystery woman.

Well, if you’re reading this and know a German brunette who goes to uni in Luneburg majoring in cultural studies, and is doing work in Budapest, email me.

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