I spent a week with my nuclear family around NW United States and SW Canada starting on the 23rd. We first started in Seattle, where we spent the first day going to MoPOP and Chihuly museum. Both were excellent, and actually really fun. There were a demonstration at the glass museum where two artisans produced a simple bowl, but it was incredibly hard to make. For Christmas, Brighten and I went skiing at a mountain nearby.

Glass art

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Afterwards, we drove to Harrison, CN and the hot springs in it. This marks the 4th hot spring which I have been to in the 4th unique country (Costa Rica, Japan, Hungary, Canada). Ironically, I have yet to have been one in the United States.

It snowed the day before we arrived, so there were snow everywhere. The juxtapositioning of snow and 90F water was quite surreal. There were a group of kids who were playing in the snow in their swimwear, then jumping into the pool to warm up. As fun as that looks, I highly doubt I like mixing hot and cold.

Then we went to Vancouver. The weather here was awful. It rained the whole time there, even while doing the outdoor tours. I did introduce my parents to escape rooms, which was quite interesting. The silver lining was that we ate at an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet.

Finally, we flew out of Seattle after dropping by the Science Museum there. Turns out it was for quite small children, but there were several things that were pretty cool (IMAX, laser show). Mom actually flew to China to take care of her parents, while the rest of us flew to FL.

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