I left Tallahassee at 11am on Friday.

I got to Budapest at 12am on Sunday.

Somehow, I managed to spend $60 in London within a span of 4 hours.

Virgin Mobile worked well enough for me to Skype Alex in Miami.

Okay, so here’s what happened. My flight in Miami had a 8 hours layover, and a overnighter to Heathrow¬†followed. As soon as that happened, I wanted to spend some of the 10 hours layover in London. When I finally landed in Budapest, it was 11:30PM local time. I didn’t get to my apartment till 2AM on Sunday. Still, nothing terrible happened and quite successful.

First Impressions

Budapest comes from a distinctively communist root. The street which my apartment is on just seems so… bland and dangerous at the same time. If one was to plop it down in Soviet Russia 40 years ago, it’ll fit right in.

The insides is great though, with a fantastic, guitar-playing landlord. Did I mention that everything is so cheap here? The prices are just ridiculously in favor of United States citizens.

Water and restrooms are not as popular as in the States. Water fountains are a foreign concept and bottled water is the way to go. Furthermore, public restrooms are almost invisible or guarded by an attendedant who expects a tip.


They’re going fine. I’m just¬†really rusty with pure math though…

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